Mom Con: Showtime [Volume 3] By: Karl Fields

Title:  Mom Con:  Showtime [Volume 3]
Author:  Karl Fields
Publisher: K. F.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Mom Con: Showtime" by Karl Fields...

What was this book about:

Just when she thought she was out…

"Playing the role of con artist was a fast, fun ride, but Anita Henry put all of that behind her to focus on the launch of the One-Touch, her company’s miraculous, do-it-all product poised to be a lifesaver for new mothers everywhere. That is, until one of her cons comes home to roost.

Anita has sworn all along that she isn’t a thief, but she’ll have to be more resourceful than ever as she matches wits with her toughest adversary yet: someone who is."

What I liked from this novel...

This as another one of this author's Mom Con novels and this time it was featuring: "Mom Con: Showtime."  When you think that Anita Henry has this con thing all but behind her well she is found at it again due to the fact that someone knows who she is.  Even though this is the third novel on the Mom Con collection I think you should read the first and second novel first before reading this one.  I believe it will make better sense to the reader.  What happened in the last novel will be explored quite deeply in this third novel: Mom Con:  Showtime.  I did find this novel as with the other two novels very well written and the characters are so real, believable and interesting.  I even found some of the read even funny due to what was going on at that time.  Anita Henry really keep your attention as you will be reading along at a good pace turning the pages and the ending I do believe was the end for this series.  I found this novel to be a good read  and I think it would be especially good for the women's fiction readers.  Would I recommend?  Yes....all three of the Mom Con reads by this author. 


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