Club Nirvana 2 By: Sasha Ravae

Title:  Club Nirvana 2
Author:  Sasha Ravae
Publisher:  Jaded Publications
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  5

"Club Nirvana 2" by Sasha Ravae...

What was this novel about.....


"After being violently taken from her home, Jayde does whatever it takes to get back to the life that she had always known, but when she is unexpectedly reunited with a lost love, she finds out that unfortunately no love could exist when working at Club Nirvana. Will she be able to make it out alive, or will she disappear into Lord’s darkness like so many girls had before her?"

What I thought about this read....

This novel starts right up where the first one stops and all I can say here comes another well written short story by this author.  "Club Nirvana 2" will be another read where there will be so many twist and turns, with  lots of action, suspense, secrets  and let's not leave out the drama.  Once you start reading you will not want to put it down.  You will not have to worry about a long read because this author gives it to you in a short one and guess what ...the reader will be left  hanging and waiting for the next novel to find out what, who, why and what?   Hopefully, we will get the ending to this story
in the next novel!  Anyway, we will have to wait and see what is coming next in part 3.


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