Up To No Good By: Carl Weber

Title:  Up to No Good
Author:  Carl Weber
Publisher:  Kensington
Series: Church
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Up to No Good" by Carl Weber...
There is always a man around the corner. Church trustee James Black should know--he's usually that man, carrying on adulterous affairs and sleeping with one conquest after another. But when he suddenly finds himself truly in love, the other women in his church have a thing or two to say about it--including his daughter, Jamie. Jamie has every intention of dismantling the relationship--until she discovers a mystery woman has been secretly calling her lover, Louis. Meanwhile, James's son, Darnel, spirals out of control after he catches his fiancée cheating. James knows he's to blame for the turmoil that surrounds him and his loved ones. Now he'll have to find a way to bring peace to their lives. But he can only do it by facing some hard truths about himself and changing his scandalous ways.

What I liked from the novel.....

This was another one of this author good reads.  "Up to No Good" was definitely one of this author types of  drama novels that will keep you on the edge of your seat with a lot of drama and suspense and leave you wondering what will come next.  You will be left saying  'what a story'  that was a little predictable but yet not disappointing in any way with some characters  that were simply off the chart. Some of the characters were greatly flawed while a few others were simply well developed,  engaging and oh so real to give the readers a simply good character development with a excellent subplots along with a unforgettable story line. The ending will definitely leave thinking just how far would you go to help out a blood relative.  That ending left me in awe...because even though I know that person had a lots of demons and definitely needed help....I never thought that would happen.   I am still shaking my head about that ending.   All that is left to say is wow what a interesting intensed read that still I have thoughts about long after this read.  If you are looking for drama with a lots of pain and craziness you have come to the right place for "Up to No Good"  will give it all to you and more!


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