As the Crow Flies

Author:  Craig Johnson
Published By:  Viking Adult
Age Recommend:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Raven Rating:  5
Blog Review For: GMTA


"As the Crow Flies" by Craig Johnson was a good well written dialogue  mystery.  This author is able to show a meticulously well plotted storyline that comes together in this Wyoming/Montana  Western setting.

 In this novel, "As the Crow Flies" Sheriff Walt Longmire's daughter(Cady) is getting married in two weeks and it seems that the area that had been reserved for this event....near the Indian Reservation is not Henry Standing Bear(friend) and Walt are to make other arrangements...about a location called "Painted Warrior."  They go to this area which is a  lovely area with high cliffs....however Walt and Henry witness a woman that falls to her death....and the storyline picks up from there.   Now,  we find  Sheriff Walt Longmire is now trying to help with this investigation into this persons death.  Was it a accident, suicide or was she pushed?  Walt is nearly killed several times and what has happened with the help of the wedding plans?  Here I will say you must pick up this read and  to find out!

There are some very interesting characters...Walt, Henry Standing Bear, Dog,Vic, Ruby, Feds, Audrey Plain Feather, Adrian, Clarence and especially the new rough and  tough Tribal Police Chief Lolo Long(who seems to have a 'chip on her shoulder...coming home from Iraq suffering from PTSD'), Henry Standing Bear and Herbert His Good Horse, head of Human Services and Artie Small Song, another war vet and his elderly mother, a medicine woman and I am sure I have left out a few.

 I wasn't able to detect who  was the killer, so I was kept turning the pages until the end.  It was very interesting to learn during my read  about the 'Cheyenne Nation, the Old Man Chiefs and the Peyote Ceremony'..... simply some amazing writing.

If you are in for a intriguing western mystery... you have come to the right place..."As the Crow Flies" will be a good read for you.  I did enjoy this novel that was neatly wrapped up in the end  and would recommend as a good read.


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