The Werewolf's Wife

Author:  Michele Hauf
Published By:   Harlequin Nocturne
Age Recommend: Adult
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Raven Rating:  4
Blog Review For:  Great Minds Think Aloud

"The Werewolf's Wife" by Michele Hauf was a good read for me.  I really enjoyed it all. I was caught up in this novel from page one....definitely a 'Twilight'  moment!  Yes, it was long however, if you can  stay with this  storyline  setting from Minnesota... I believe you will understand what the story is all about.

The hero and heroine was marvelously presented.   Ridge Addison was from the Northern Wolf Pack who was the leader (Principal-Alpha)who was a lumberjack...and yes a werewolf......and then there was Abigail Rowan(fire-witch) and  member of the Council that represented the Paranormal Nations.  How these two people  meet up was somewhat hilarious..... both being drunk one night in Vegas thirteen years ago...THEY GOT MARRIED by Elvis.......only later  the witch bride freaks out over him(Ridge) becoming  a wolf....things end up where they depart..... and finally the story picks up where that Ridge is now thinking of being married again...starting a family, however, he will have to have his divorce finalized from Abigail  before that can happen..........How will this turn out?    Ridge has to go see Abigail (who is now a  mother of Ryan)...and now her son had been kidnapped. This is the time that I will say you must simply pick up this good read to find out  what will come from all of this. Be prepared for a fun ride..... this storyline moves fast.... you get it all from this plot....fights, gunshots, killings and in the end .....I will stop now ..... I don't want to give anymore away.  Pick up "The Werewolf's Wife" and read it for yourself to find out who  is the villain..... I even guessed it!

If you are looking for a good Paranormal Romance novel with a lots of action, twist and turns... and gets intensive .... you have come to the right place...."The Werewolf's Wife" would be a good read for you.  I would recommend this novel as a good read  and the book cover isn't bad to look at either.


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