True Colors

Author:  Natalie Kinsey-Warnock
Published By:  Random House Children's Books
Age Recommended:  8+
Reviewer:  Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 5
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"True Colors" by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock was a very good novel for the young readers and I (adult) enjoyed it also.  This author did a wonderful job with "True Colors." Be ready for a lot of secrets that  will come out.   

True Colors" was of a girl named Blue...she had been left wrapped in a quilt in  a 'copper kettle that Hannah Spooner grew her marigolds in." This just happened to be the day that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in December, 1941.  A  sweet lady named Hannah(who was elderly) ...took in Blue and she was raised as her very own. As Blue grew older she spent a lots of her time  delivering to homes
baked items that Hannah  sold to the town people.  Now, Blue had began to wonder just who she really was..where was her mother?  Why had her mother left her in a copper kettle? What if Hannah hadn't found her? Now, this is when I say you must simply pick up the novel to see how Blue  in "True Colors" will come out in all of this novel. 

There will be  a lots of drama that will be  in "True Colors."  Get ready....  to see how this  best friend named Nadine treats Blue......but was she a friend? Who was divorcing, Stealing, setting fires writing a column for the town's newspaper and the animals that Raleigh had saved.

The characters were simply wonderful ... all of them and their were many...Blue, Hannah, Nadine, Keith Mr. and Mrs. Tilton, Mr. Gilpin, Dennis & Wesley Wright, Mr. Wright, Raleigh, Mr. and Mrs. Appleby,  Mrs. Gray, Mr.Hazelton, Raymond Lapointe, Mrs. Wells, Mr. Roy Allard, Mrs. Willson, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Paisley, Esther,Mrs. Barclay, Mr. and Mrs. Potter only to name a few..because I am sure I have left someone out. Each of these characters really added to the storyline. Will Blue find what she has wanted to know all of her life...what secrets did Hannah have? What had happened to Myrtle Rose? ..again you must pick up "True Colors" to find out.  You will not be disappointed because this is a wonderful  well written read. 

If you are in for a good solid  read... "True Color" is definitely a good read to pick up to read. 
I would recommend this one to the young person for a good read. 


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