Author:  Lisa Greer
Published By: Gothicked Books  
Age Recommend:  16
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Raven Rating:  4
Blog Review For:  Great Minds Think Aloud


"Come to the Tower, Love" by Lisa Greer was a delightful Gothic romance novel that was simply sweet. 

Morgan Peer inherits Woodmere Manor in the Hudson Valley in New York ...a home with dark past... having secrets and even creepy "ghosts and learns bout the tortured history of the house....and its five tower rooms" in a small town from a father that she had little contact with.  Morgan is a former history teacher that has 'big plans  for the future' for this mansion, however,  
after meeting two men (Owen and Noel) things become even more complicated. Was someone trying to mess with Morgan mind?  Well, this is the time that I say that you must pick up this good read and find out out just what is going on in "Come to the Tower, Love."

If you are in for a good novel of  ghost and history with some insanity you have come to the right place and I would recommend "Come to the Tower, Love" to you as a good read. 


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