Author:  Keary Taylor
Published by:  CreateSpace
Age Recommended:   YA
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 5
Blog Review For: GMTA


"What I Didn't Say" by Keary Taylor was a very emotional, sad, happy and  believable YA novel relating to HS.  To have grown up  in Jake Hayes family was truly a wonderful thing in how much the family enjoy and showed love for each and everyone.  After a bad decision that was made with (Jacob) Jake getting into the truck with some other friends who were all drunk from alcohol.... his life changes forever.  Just being alive was something , after Jake's accident where a t-post is driven  into his neck that literally rips out his vocal chords and he is no longer able to speak.  It looks like all of Jake's dreams has be just ripped away from Jake, but he has a love for a certain girl named Samantha  who was able to help him with his disability. For Samantha (Sam) life hasn't  been dealt her a great number of cards in that her mother dies leaving her to have to fend for herself.   How will she be able to do this on her own?  Will  Jake and Sam become a item it seems that Jake's change in life may not be so tragic  after all? 

All of the characters were off the chart good...  Jake, Sam, Jordan,  Kali, Rain, Jamie, Blake Shaw, Carter, John, Jenny, Norah Hamilton, Mr. Carol, Mr. Hill, Dr. Calvin Johnson and I am sure there  are a few others that I have left out... but all were simply great.

"What I Didn't Say" is truly a story about life and how this family was able to make it through this challenge which comes  from the love that was shown...'closeness' which explain why Jake reacted the way he did.    Some of the main topics in the novel that were presented were  'teenage and adult  drinking, homelessness, death of a loved one'  that were  all being handled very well in this writing of this novel. The author did a wonderful job with this.
I enjoyed"What I Didn't Say" and would recommend as a excellent novel for the YA to read.  The novel is definitely one that will make you think long after the read.              


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