Author: Cheryl Rainfield
Published By: West Side Books
Reviewer: Arlena Dean
Age Recommended: 12+
Rating: 5
Blog For:  GMTA


"Scars" by Cheryl Rainfield was some very  fast, interesting, and realistic being very raw and emotional read that will leave you thinking WoW! This is a very powerful and intense read so please ... be aware of that.

Ms. Rainfield ....the  author did a wonderful job with her main character...a strong character Kendra..she was a victim of abuse, a cutter, a artist, a lesbian and now getting help from a therapist. Now  there is a lot of information that will be presented in this novel... so get ready. A lot of time these topics are very hard to discuss but this author does a good job at her presentation of
"Scars" .....this novel...not sugar coating any of it. This novel  read was a good look at self-mutilation...friendship (with Sarah...then Meghan) that was formed and was a well written story of a horrible ordeal for this girl named Kendra. I found "Scars" to be a realistic read containing a 'wealth of resources for abuse survivors'... very compelling and emotional....definitely a page turner. 

I would recommend "Scars" to any youth that is or has gone through abuse, cutting, and the parent(s) dealing with their child who has gone through any of these issues. 


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