The Last Vampire - Revised Author's Edition

Author:  Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Published By:  Damnation Books LLC
Age Recommend:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Raven Rating:  5
Blog Review For: GMTA


"The Last Vampire:  Author's New Revised Edition" by Kathryn Meyer Griffith was a excellent paranormal romance read. Only  Ms. Griffith can present vampires in a world that has gone to hell
and keep the reader on the edge of there seat. 

The character ...Emma was simply off the chart... leaving me only say... this was some woman.
After her friend Larry, her husband and children were all died.... after returning home and grieving .... just how would Emma be able to make it in this world?  Would she starve?....moving to caves and
finding dead skeletons...she hated not having food, water and shelter that had been taken from being what would she do....she kept moving... never stopping... raiding homes for food...she kept moving...then the men who had raided her shelter found Emma...what was going to happened?...would they try to rape her?...With her knife she was ...well  damn good but the
bad men had taken her....until a man comes to her aid and kills them.....Who was this man? It was Byron who was a vampire/werewolf.  Byron "brings her into his lair, turns her into a vampire, and takes her under his wing. Byron ends up dying, from drinking bad blood leaving Emma alone, hence the title ‘Last Vampire.'  Emma finds another survivor, who had been shot..she takes care of and he was  Matthew Whitefeather who was a 'Cherokee Indian like Emma had lost his wife during this onset of the apocalypse and Emma saves him.  They instantly bond  and begins to make there way East.... and then fall in love however,  "Emma  keeps her ‘vampirism’ a secret by hunting animals for  blood at night. She gives herself one rule, never drink human blood." Now....this is the time that I say to find out  the answers to any questions you must pick up "The Last Vampire" and find out how Emma comes out of all of this ...for  this it is  a  interesting read that  only Ms. Griffith can truly deliver to the reader.  

I found this novel to be  a well written descriptive  novel of vampires/werewolfs, and  Indians... with a trace of a love story that was simply a good read.  If you are in for a good paranormal romance then I would recommend "The Last Vampire" as a excellent read that had been updated from its originally published novel in 1982.            


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