Trouble in Paradise

Author:  Stephanie Norris
Published by:  One Tale Publishing
Age Recommend:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Raven Rating:  5
Blog Review For: Author


"Trouble In Paradise" by Stephanie Nicole Norris was a amusing romantic read with a lot of drama, suspense and action....loaded   with twist and turns that kept me reading on till the very end... I stayed up to finish this one!

In "Trouble In Paradise"  you will find this novel  a love story involving some very interesting  characters ...some likable.... some NOT ... starting with Victoria Mathis, Joshua Eubanks,  Ms. Danielle Shumaker, Caroline Banks,Rebecca, Shayla (Shay) Morrison, Leon, Greg, Detective Sanchez, Dantae and I may have left some other important ones left  out...but I am sure you will find  who they were in your read. I found that each of these characters gave a emotional high ride that kept the reader pulled into the storyline. The two main characters were Victoria...  who was becoming a psychologist after her internship in Chicago and Joshua who was in real-estate agent.  These two sweethearts take off for Chicago to start a new life but obstacles  keep presenting  big problems for this couple  who are now engaged.  Were you looking for a 'Happy Ever After?'  Well... It seems like a former girlfriend of Joshua has come to Chicago to get her man back...and now  this novel takes off and  OMG what a bumpy ride!   How will this all come out?  Now, this is the time that I say you must pick up the good read ..."Trouble In Paradise" to find out.

This author worked her magic in being able to bring out much in these pages.   Be ready because there will be a lots of interesting elements going on in this novel... such as stalking, lying, rolled joints,  cheating, sex, guns, secrets,  revenge, lovers triangle, obsession,  love, hate, friends, betrayal, crazy person, passion, killing  and even a 'Cliff Hanger Ending' that will have you thinking... Will their be a Part Two?... I hope so!
I found the author to be a  talented storyteller which left  me thinking Wow what a read!  If you are in for a good romantic fiction with a lots of drama and have come to the right place...for "Trouble In Paradise"  will  be a good read that I would recommend to you. Setphanie Nicole Norris is a new up and coming romance fiction author and I think she did a wonderful job with this novel.


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