Author: Anne Cassidy
Published By:  Walker and Company
Age Recommend:   YA
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 4


"Dead Time" by Anne Cassidy was a good YA mystery series 'The Murder Notebooks #1 .....setting in London that was during the common law marriages...bringing to life... the siblings.... Rose who was 12 and  her step brother Joshua was 14.   Rose's mother and Joshua's  father went out to dinner and simply never returned.  What happened to them?  Rose and Joshua separate and then later after Joshua attends the university where Rose now 17  lives with her grandmother. They are now trying to form a
relationship that proves to have become complicated. Roses has excepted what the officials had said of her mothers death but Joshua hasn't and continues to investigate which causes problems for Rose.
On top of this Rose witness another murder and she takes off to find the killer her her classmate not knowing that there would be a lick to the disappearance of her parents.  Now this mystery takes off and this is where I say You must pick up "Dead Time" to see how this will all turn out.  I found it quite interesting read and I did like the third person narrative that  helped keep things quite a mystery.  The characters were all really interesting... especially Henry and Skeggsie.

If you are looking for some mystery,  intrigue and danger you have come to the right place..."Dead Time" will give you all of this and I would recommend this novel to you as a good YA read.


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