Author:  Heath Gibson
Published by:   FluxNow
Age Recommended:   YA(some Language*)
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Raven Rating:  5
Blog Review For: GMTA

"Burn" by Heath Gibson was some read that I  simply will not forget that did  keep my attention to the very end.  You  will get the feeling of anger  and even laughter as you read through the many twist and turns.

In "Burn" you will be drawn into a Alabama  preacher's Baptist  family... Pastor Tucker... who is  devoted and committed  to his church that takes up most of his time ....thus producing the abandonment of his sons and his fermented wife...... the life of their  son.... William... known as Wee-Wee, who just  lives to put out fires.....adrenaline is invigorating which is a addiction for him.....there is also another a brother (Steven) who had up till now been considered a bit dashing....now  has confirmed he is now gay ......then there is a new black girl named Samantha Johnson from Iowa  who is new at the school.  Now put this all together and get ready for a good read that will not only shake up this little Alabama town but to find out else happens you must pick up this good read "Burn" to find out.  Be ready...it is really a interesting good  read finding out just what is going on with William, Steven and Samantha.
I found this characters all amazing... William(Wee-Wee), Steven, Fred & Joy Ehler, Mandy Pearman, Mrs. Pearman, Billy & Seth  Parker, Marcus Woubley, Chief Griffin, Leroy Toupes, Terry Brumfield, Mrs. Whitmore, Mrs. Inez, Mr. Thompson, Thad, Ms. Gale, Samantha Johnson, Ms. White, Mr. Jerry, Pastor Tucker, Connie Tucker, Nikki Macalusso, Mr. Simmons, Leonard, Paul, Mrs. Trahan,  D.J Trahan,  Debby, Buck, Mr. Daniels, Brett Toler, Mr. Edwards, Mrs. Teschner, Ms. Deana Hartley, Mr. Dunn, Mr. Cronyer,  Mr. Whitehead and I am sure I have left out someone....you will have to find out who they are.

There was a quote that repeated several times  from the Pastor to his boys..."Remember who you are" meaning you are the pastor's son..... so be aware! 

I believe "Burn"  will be a good read for the  YA teen boys who would like to be a hero, however sometimes this can  get you in to trouble especially if you take the wrong road to achieve it.   Yes, this guilty character was so very desperate for praise and recognition...but at what price?
I would recommend "Burn" as a good read as a good  read for the YA's and be ready for a very interesting ending. OMG!


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