Tomorrow Blossoms

Author: Joyce DeBacco
Published By:  Joyce DeBacco
Age Recommend:  Adult
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Raven Rating: 5


"Tomorrows Blossoms" by Joyce DeBacco was a real good read that I really enjoyed from the first page until the very last centering around family life with plenty of trials and tribulations that come
from all of it. 

"Tomorrows Blossoms" starts with Kate Beecham from a very shy young girl and ends as a mature woman.  The author is able to relate to its readers all the feeling and emotions through her good dialogue of writing for this novel.  There was definitely a feeling for Kate in all that she loss of a husband and  family issues with two young adult daughters with many problems of their own and that she is so involved in.  Will Kate ever find peace and joy in her life?  Well, this is where I say you
must pick up this wonderful read to find out.

In this novel the author is able to hit all the following issues.... teenage pregnancy, beautiful marriage, death, AIDS and then a reuniting of the past. I found "Tomorrows Blossoms" was a excellent family read with the author bringing out the many issues that we face and deal with on a daily basis and each of the "characters strengths far outshine their weaknesses."  I would recommend this novel to all as a wonderful read.


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