The Land Of Darkness (The Gates Of Heaven # 3)

Author:  C. S. Lakin
Published By: AMG Publishers  
Age Recommend: YA
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Raven Rating:  4
Blog Review For:  Great Minds Think Aloud


"The Land of Darkness" (The Gates of Heaven # 3) by C. S. Lakin  was a very good read and happens to be Ms Lakin third in a series "following the quest of a twelve year old girl named Jadiel and her unlikely companion, a woodworking apprentice who is obsessed with finding a legendary bridge."

In this novel you will find it a very enjoyable read featuring...suspense, drama, morality and even emotion.  This good vs evil that steals men's souls...was just greatly delivered to the reader along with
the Scriptures in this novel was simply wonderful.   As a matter of fact I see that this novel was  a 'fairy-tale, fantasy quest and a Biblical allegory.' 

One can clearly see the authors has a wonderful imagination and really does a great job at putting this all to paper for us readers to simply enjoy.

I would definitely recommend "The Land Of Darkness" to anyone because I feel like it will offer you family, friendship, love and faith.  So, I would recommend "The Land of Darkness" as a good read.


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