A Day at the Office or The Bastard By Jane Oldaker

Title:  A Day at the Office or The Bastard
Author:  Jane Oldaker
Publisher:  Smashwords Edition
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"A Day at the Office or The Bastard" by Jane Oldaker was a short sweet read of this lady's  day...'before, during and after work.'  This entertaining read was of a woman who wants 'a day with her husband but gets a a day at the office instead with the Bastard.' It was indeed humorous at the end how this author puts in a twist.  Wow, she gets to finally come home late due to having to work
late ...however, upon arriving home late dinner is ready and guess who is there with a hug and a cooked  meal?  Wow, what a surprise ending!


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