Bridal Bliss (Bridal Bliss Series) By Janae M. Robinson

Title: Bridal Bliss (Bridal Bliss Series)
Author:  Janae M. Robinson
Publisher:  Kystal Diggs Publishing
Series:  Bridal Bliss Series
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Bridal Bliss" by Janae M. Robinson:

"Asha’s life has always been school, work, church, and Amara. Her mother constantly tells her that she needs to get out and meet new friends. Asha has dealt with double heartbreak when her child’s father and best friend were killed in a car accident. Together! Dwayne enters in and sweeps Asha off her feet. Praying with her and volunteering to go to church with her, Dwayne seems to be the answer to her prayers. Will Asha get her man of God and end up in Bridal Bliss? Or does Dwayne have another story to tell?"

What I Loved from reading "Bridal Bliss"

"Bridal Bliss" was a  beautifully written short romance that will stay with you long after the read.  As
a matter of fact you will not be able to put it down because each page holds your attention keeping you turning the pages till the end but was it?  I found this author really wrote a amazing story that will keep you wanting more as you read the first  series.  The twist and turns of this love story
was so very cleverly done only to leave me so very intrigued with how we were introduced into the 'Bridal Bliss Series'  and only left saying Wow... that was some powerful emotional read and then  at the end...this is where I say you must pick up the splendid read to see for yourself  how well presented it is.

What I also really loved about "Bridal Bliss"

The fact that this author was able to present it so well to the reader in only a few short pages...only 39 pages.    This was so well done.  Thank you for such a awesome read. 

Another thing I am so happy for is that I have this author's second novel to this series so I won't have to wait too long to see just  what is going on with that Dwayne! 

The characters were simply off the chart good!....well developed, defined, well portrayed and colorful...all and all I was given  a read that was simply amazing... I can't wait to start reading  the next series...Lost In Bliss.  For " Bridal Bliss" was very enjoyable,  well presented  read and I would recommend it to all  especially the romance lovers. 


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