How To Lasso A Cowboy By Lissa Larer

Title:  How To Lasso A Cowboy
Author:  Lissa Larer
Publisher:  America Star Books
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4.5

"How To Lasso A Cowboy" by Lissa Larer was a wonderfully written western historical romance of the 1800's.  This read was so interesting that I found it hard to put down until I was completely through with it and it being a wonderful read all the way through.  The characters were are so well defined, developed, believable  and oh so well portrayed.  I liked how this  author was able to give the reader a good read featuring mainly these three people:   Kate, her sister Priscilla and Justin.  Now, their will be other characters that will be brought in that will help give a smooth flow to "How
To Lasso A Cowboy." 

 We find from the read that these  two sisters were in this town to claim their inheritance of a 160 acre ranch and Justin was in town due to the fact he was tracking his brother's murderer.  As  Kate and Justin  began to spend time together I could see that they had some sexual tension going on between them.  I liked how it seemed like  Justin always seemed to be around Kate  at the right time to save her from one mishap or the other.  This author really knows how to keep the readers interest with all of the details presented because there will be a lots going on in this read...from someone rustling Kate's cattle , Justin's quest to catch his brother's killer, the ghost that was haunting Kate's and Priscilla ranch, the quest to find gold...but ended up finding ..... to the mystery of who and why the woman( Ms.. Ruth Keller) had left Kate's father the ranch in the first place.  I will say all of this will definitely  keep your interest in the read because you will never know what is coming next.   Ms. Larer gives the reader a beautiful read of it all as it comes  together in the end and then ten years later .... the epilogue really puts  the icing on the cake.     Well done and definitely a good novel.


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