The Idea of Him By Holly Peterson

Title:  The Idea of Him
Author:  Holly Peterson
Publisher:  William Morrow and Company
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Age Recommended: Adult
Rating: 4

"The Idea of Him" by Holly Peterson was a good women's fiction read.  Mary Crawford had a good life with two kids, happy marriage and wonderful job, but was this really true?  No, it was not because she soon finds her husband in there laundry room with another woman and this was not the first time.  Guess what...there will be more for Mary to discover.  Will Mary be able to find answers to all of this and more before it's too late?  Be ready for a interesting read however  I did find this read somewhat chaotic a times and even complicated as the story seems to jump back and forth from the past to present.  I will say the suspense that surround the husband, Wades dealing and all kept me very interested  along with the jest of it all where we find from the read that  Mary had previously relied on James,(another part of the story) then married Wade because he reminded her of her late father, and nearly jumped into a relationship with Tommy while still  married.  Another point to the read was seeing Mary befriend  a least likely ally to learn the truth about her husband.    Believe me when I say it was so  good  to see that finally Mary develops the backbone that was necessary to protect her and the children.  Now, to fully understand it all you must pick up "The Idea of Him" to get the full picture of this read.  It will be interesting to see how this mystery  of  exactly what all Wade was  really involved.


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