The Sheik Retold (Unabridged Audible) by Victoria Vane & E.M. Hull

Title:  The Sheik Retold [Audible Audio Edition]
Authors: Victoria Vane & E.M. Hull
Publisher:  Vane  Publishing LLC
Narrated By: Dawn Hyde 8 hrs 49 mins
Format:  Unabridged
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"The Sheik Retold" by authors Victoria Vane and E.M. Hull was a beautiful story told. The authors really knows who to capture your attention in the 1920 remake  and kept it with the intenseness that surrounds the read.  I have read this novel  from my Kindle and also the novel but I loved listening to this story being told by a narrator even more.  Ms. Hyde did a wonderful job at bringing this story to life.  I knew from my earlier  reads  that Diana was a force to be reckon with being so strong willed, independent and all  but on this journey  she really portrays that part of having so much strength to endure what all she had to go through  being raised by such a horrible half brother and even more as we get into the read.  It was really interesting how the authors brought out that Diana despised being a woman and since men only seemed to  love her for the way she, she decides to take a vacation in the Sahara desert against everyone's advice alone.

I liked this quote from Diana... 

"My life is mine and I will deal with it exactly as I wish. I will do what I choose when and how I choose. I will never again obey any will but my own."

 We will be presented a story of what will happen when a strong alpha man  kidnaps this strong woman.  It will be a intriguing rides with a few sex scene that may have you holding your breathe while listening to this erotic story!   Be prepared to go on a journey that will have some of it all... adventure, fear, seduction, submission,  kidnapping, drama, shock,  erotic sex,  anger, death,  passion to even joy.  "The Sheik Retold" was a well written historical, with steamy erotic scenes that you will keep listening to this captivating novel  until the very end.  The characters were all so very well defined, portrayed, colorful and developed only making this such a phenomenal read that I would definitely recommend to you.   


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