Complete & Total Bliss By Janae M. Robinson

Title:  Complete & Total Bliss
Author:  Janae M. Robinson
Publisher: J.M.R.
Series:  Bridal Bliss Series
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Complete & Total Bliss" by Janae M. Robinson.....

"Asha and Dwayne return for the final installment in the Bridal Bliss series, or do they? Is Dwayne ok? In Lost in Bliss, Asha got some of her answers, but she is still a bit confused and someone has a lot of explaining to do. With two crazy ex-lovers on the loose is it possible for Asha to finally get a happy ever after ending? Will Delilah and John’s marriage last or does Melissa play a role in that demise also? What was Daniel’s M.O. for returning and entering Asha’s life? All these questions and more will be answered in Complete and Total Bliss."

What I really enjoyed about "Complete & Total Bliss"

I must say "Complete & Total Bliss" was a well written story that was the third in this series.  Once I started on this last series I was up late reading to see how this would end for Asha and Dwayne.  I must say this author did a wonderful job at bringing it all together because there was a lots going on in this read.  However, to really get the understanding of it all I will say you must pick up this authors first two of the Bridal Bliss Series...'Bridal Bliss and Lost In Bliss' because it will all come together in this last novel.  I enjoyed the read of the characters because they really worked this read that will only kept you reading and wondering where the story was taking you next.  I think it was a little predictable for me in that I was able to guess who the bad person really was, however what I really enjoyed was that some of the characters seemed to have changed for the better as I read through "Complete & Total Bliss."  This only showed that a person can change which is  a good thing.   I don't want to spoil to much other than say this novel...and the other two are good reads.  You will be left feeling YES, there is someone for us all.  All I have left to say is pick up the whole  series to see for yourself how well this author wrote such a amazing Christian  series and YES,  I would definitely  recommend to all.


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