Meg's Folly [Meghan's Playhouse Book 5] By Adriana Kraft

Title: Meg's Folly [Meghan's Playhouse Book 5]
Author: Adriana Kraft
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, LLC
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Age Recommended: Adult (Erotic)
Rating: 4.5

"Meg's Folly [Meghan's Playhouse Book 5]" by Adriana Kraft was a very hot steamy adult read that enters into swinging, ménage and voyeurism. Please be aware that this is a adult read. These authors really work their magic in bringing out whether or not Meghan will finally give into Josh wishes. I was really captivated in how the story was presented and not wanting to put it down to see what the outcome will be in the end. I liked how these authors were able to bring in various characters from other previous novels of this series along with a few new ones making a smooth entry in the read. This group of characters were well developed, interesting and simply fascinating to read about and let's not leave out the hot steamy sex scenes.

I liked this one quote from the read....Kurt is talking to she is trying to make up her mind...

"He(Josh) wants to know that while you love all of us, your love for him run even deeper and will
outlast the tugs and pulls of life."

"Meg's Folly" was indeed a hot sexy well written erotic short novel that will keep your attention
right up till the end and the answer to the question will be given. Now, if this is your kind of read I would recommend "Meg's Folly" to you.


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