It's A New Season: A Kingston and Sinclair Series By: Desiree Future

Title:  It's A New Season
Author:  Desiree Future
Publisher: D. F.
Reviewed  By:  Arlena Dean
Age Recommended:  Adult
Rating: 5
Series: A Kingston & Sinclair Series

"It's A New Season" by Desiree Future was a good sequel to 'The Pastor's Heart.'  I will say it will be a good idea to read it before reading this series because it all ties into this second novel so very well.  The story will start with the  "Newly married Pastor Kingston Carter and his new bride Lady Sinclair Madison Carter have settled into their new lives together" where we find Lady Sinclair is suffering somewhat from her operation on her leg, however, she is trying to get back into  her agency, 'Aged Out Forster Care Inc.' and her  hubby is trying to convince her to slow down and take care of herself.  Pastor Kingston Carter is all about business with his church Christ the Lord Fellowship  and helping to grow his family owned grocery store Carter's Market. Well, it seems like everything is going right now that the storm is over that has been in the area and these two people are so in love. What will come to mess this up?  A letter from someone who was thought be dead?  How will this "wreak havoc into the lives of the pastor and his first lady." I don't want to spoil it so I will just say you must pick up this wonderful well written read to see how this author will bring it all out to the reader.  I will only say from the quote that it will definitely be "the battle of David & Goliath standing at their front door, it's hard to see who will remain standing if and when that door finally closes."  Be ready for some suspense in this read!

"It's A New Season"  was a very good clean enjoyable Christian read and this author has given us a wonderful presentation of a true pastor and wife team.  Truly these Carter's are well portrayed along with some other outstanding characters that were presented so very well only to give up an awesome read that I would recommend to all. 


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