Promise Me, Cowboy By CJ Carrmichael

Title: Promise Me, Cowboy
Author: CJ Carmichael
Publisher: Tule Group, LLC
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Series: The Copper Mountain Rodeo #3
Rating: 4.5

"Promise Me, Cowboy" by CJ Carmichael was a enjoyable read of a cowboy named Dawson O'Dell who gets a second chance at love with Sage Carrigan. This author presented to the reader a interesting well written read of Sage who had left the rodeo circuit due to injury and was now owner of her chocolate shop. We find she had previously been involved with this cowboy, who was a bronco rodeo rider, but after learning that he was married Sage had tried put him behind her and was going on with her life. Five years later, this cowboy comes into her shop to try to make amends however, Sage is not having any of it. I found this story good however, somewhat predictable in some areas. I think this author did do a good job with the details in explaining it all to what had gone on with Dawson now that he has come back to Sage's home town. Why is he planning to settle down here? I can see why Sage was upset with seeing him and the horror of it all with there last meeting being of Dawson's wife pointing a rifle at her. I found all of the characters well defined, and portrayed giving us a smooth enjoyable read. I did like the way this author was able to also let the reader see that Sage still had an attraction to this cowboy and at the end after Dawson finally proves to Sage that he had taken care of business then it was pure icing on the cake. In the end "Promise Me, Cowboy" was definitely a good read of second chances after heartbreak, secrets, humiliation and forgiveness had been taken care of. 


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