Devil In Her Bed By Amarie Avant

Book Description...

"Before Lincoln Zager, I was submerged in a happily ever after, until it all came crashing down. The love of my life went missing and has been presumed dead. That's the day I died inside.
Lincoln came along and he was relentlessly determined to revive me. Protect me. Own me. He offered a second chance at forever.
Lincoln had to thaw the numbness surrounding my heart. He fought me ... for me. His sexy, muscular body is blemished with scars. But he taught me that my emotional scars have enhanced my beauty.
No matter how strong Lincoln's love is, another man harbors a dangerous affection for me. I have an obsessed stalker. Like Lincoln, he also claims that he will never let me go..."

Title:  Devil In Her Bed
Author:  Amarie Avant
Publisher:  Jessica Watkins Presents
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Devil In Her Bed" by Amarie Avant

My Thoughts...
Be ready for a very interesting erotic romantic thriller...

From the Stalker....[boogeyman, real crazy man]         Jeffery Peterson aka Donald Dudley

                                       ......the stalked...Siobhan Lewis

who was killed? ....Samuel, Regina & Everett Godwin...funerals and a few more killings totaling...[15], Alton, Glendora what has happened to Hosea Murrell.... Siobhan's ex?  This is really some good reading!

saver of the day.... Lincoln Zagar and his friend Bernard

add into this wonderful story more colorful characters....Siobhan's mom[Shania], dad[Deon] and friend from work... Siobhan's Executive assistant...Tamara...Siobhan therapist, Dr, Beck, Detective Ortiz, Maggie, Agent Quigley, Lenard Murrell & Elora Zager

This story taking place in several locations.... Northern California, LA...Willow Bluff [hundred miles north of San Francisco], San Antonio, Texas, San Diego, Monterey Beach, Sweden, Fort Brags to name a few. 

As the story moves along we are in Willow Bluff where Siobhan is hiding from the stalker.... she has a home and decides to go for a run and who does she meet up with during the run?  Yes, that Lincoln Zager.

Now this story will take the reader on quite a long journey. Many questions will be asked.... Will Siobhan be willing to put her faith in this hot guy?  What was it about Lincoln that even this stalker felt threatened?  There will be a lots of twist and turns that will keep you turning the pages to get more of this wonderfully told story.  Now, I will say I had some problems with the me I felt she didn't think about certain what could be the reason she wasn't able to get in touch with her best friend and her mom?  Didn't she think that there was something wrong with the phones especially after not hearing from her best friend and mom after several weeks?  Oh, well as the story continues..we find out more about that crazy is all I have to say.  You will have to read this story for yourself to see how well this author presents us with such a thriller of a read. 

Will Lincoln be able to find out who the stalker was and how does he handle it with the help of his friend Bernard?  What will happen as Lincoln meets and becomes involved with Siobhan family? What had happened in Lincoln's life that had caused some of his weirdness toward his own family? What was it about Siobhan that kept Lincoln so captivated with her? Moreover, what was it about Hosea [a childhood friend] that Siobhan held so dear to her heart about him?  But was it the same kind of love that Lincoln held in his heart for her?  To find out all of these questions you will you will have to pick up the novel "Devil In Her Bed" to find out!

As the story moves on.... it seems like this stalker will stop at nothing!  Or will he?  This is a real nut

Now, I definitely don't want to leave out the two....Siobhan and Lincoln...oh yes!  It was definitely right on for these two...after they met after that run.   I loved the music this author supplied for the readers...Al Greens...'Let's Stay Together''  and all of their hot steamy chemistry they had for each other!  Why couldn't Siobhan believe that Lincoln wanted more than just keeping her safe?  I  know she said that she didn't want him hurt with all that was going on with her ...but really?

OK,  moving on why was Siobhan hesitate in wanting to call the police about what was going on with her after she moved? What had happened earlier to her when a certain police Detective Ortiz was involved with her brother Sammy's death and Hosea disappearance?  It was always interesting seeing these two fall out and then [Siobhan and Lincoln] know...getting back together again....oh well!

This stalker..what's he up to now?  As the story goes on the reader really gets to see deep down just how crazy this person really is... messing with Siobhan's drinking waters, her security system, phones, and...well I will stop here and just say you will have to read what all this mad man had done or was planning to do! How will he be caught?  But before he is caught who next will he kill and then he stopped but then started up again due to ***** asking about Siobhan? What had happened to him during his childhood that had greatly affected his mind?   How this  person was able to get in and out doing the things he did were simply off the chain...down right scary! This creep seems to be all over the place! Get ready because there will be a lot more happening in the read. I know I have told you a lots but there is even more....

And who comes in and saves the day after it is all is said and done?!

Now, it will take a minute for this story to all come together. Then at the end when the reader will be seeking for....well after this author gives the readers one good read but to get there the reader will be presented with two endings.  My favorite one was the first one.  Will we get a HEA?   ...[here is a quote at  one of the endings]: that I loved.....
                                                           James 1:2-4
"Consider it pure joy, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.  Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."

but you know how this author thinks [very well indeed] giving the reader another surreal the reader gets to choose which one they will like or really it could have both endings that could have happened in this romantic thriller. I am going to stop now only to say this story is one very well written story by this author.  Will this Peterson creep get what is due to him in the end?  Well, I have said more than enough so to find out all the answers to the questions asked you will have to pick up 'Devil In Her Bed' and see for yourself how this story has been presented.  Be prepared to be blown away with this erotic romantic thriller read...especially with those two endings!  Would I recommend
"Devil In Her Bed?"  YES!

Several things I want to mention is that I really enjoyed how this author brought out several points in the was about Lincoln meeting Siobhan's parents...Shania and Deon Lewis in [San Antonio]...especially the mom being their to help her daughter's thought pattern. I also loved how Lincoln showed how much he really cared for Siobhan.  I liked how the author brought out just who had worked on a  manuscript from the read that was called ....'Devil In Her Bed.' It was quite interesting in the way it was all brought out.  And lastly definitely getting that crazy person...well again you will just have to pick up this novel to see how well it is presented to the reader.  For you will not be disappointed with the novel...."Devil In Her Bed."

Very well done to the author...leaving me to say another good one to you! Thank you for not giving us a part two and three but one competed story!  My heart 💓could not take any more [😉]!


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