Pregnant By My Mother's Rapist By Niki Jilvontae

Book Description....

"Secrets can be deadly, especially when a person's identity is involved, and that is the realty in this twisted tale. Meet Kaniyah aka Na Na the product of a 12-year-old mother and invisible father who finds herself trapped in a hopeless situation. All of her life NaNa was forced to suffer for the sins of others all while trying to figure out who she was. With no dad, a volatile relationship with her mother, and support only coming from her brothers and uncles, NaNa goes out into the world searching for what she never had... True Love. When she meets Anthony she thinks that her prayers have finally been answered but she couldn't have been more wrong. Her quest leads her right down a bumpy road filled with abuse, lies, deceit, and murder that she has no way of escaping. Come on this twisted thrill ride with Na and find out how she became.... PREGNANT BY HER MOTHER'S R*****!"

Title: Pregnant By My Mother's Rapist
Author: Niki Jilvontae
Publisher: True Glory Publications
Reviewed By: Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Pregnant By My Mother's Rapist" by Niki Jilvontae

My Thoughts...

What a twisted but well written read that I found very hard to read. This author has given the readers a read that was simply very painful for me but knowing that this could happen in the world we live in today. Was this story a page turner? YES, because it was very important to know what would happen next. The characters well I am not sure who I felt more sorrier for...Kaniyah [Na Na] or her poor mother Spicy with both of them needing some help. What had happened with Spicy that she wouldn't tell Na Na who her father was? What will happen when Na Na meets Anthony[aka Kenan]? As you read through this story you will be presented with so many emotions and the drama that seemed to rained down so heavily in this story. Thank God that Na Na had her brothers...Kj, Ky, Kam and her best friend Rah. Well, as the story moves on we see there will be some dark secrets that will come out at last. My, my, my is all I have to say about that. You will have to pick this novel up and read it for yourself how it all comes out. It will be a story that I definitely will not forget any time soon. By the end of the story who will be their to help Na Na? Pick up this story to see!


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