Hot Green Tea: The Delicious Series Vol.3 by Yolanda Williams

Book Description...

"The water is boiling and the poetic explicit words of Author/Poetess Yolanda Williams is making steam in is third book of The Delicious Series, to reminiscence on the pleasurable fetish for hot green tea.

Title:  Hot Green Tea
By:  Yolanda Williams
Publisher:  Moore & Poesy Publishing
Series: The Delicious Series Volume 3
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Hot Green Tea" by Yolanda Williams

My View:

This erotic poetry by this author is very explicit and as it brings out this tale of  'Boiling Water and Flamin.'  All I can say is drinking a hot cup of 'Green Tea with honey and lemons' will never be the same for me after reading this author's steamy hot read about how it can make one feel definitely with the right partner.  Now this is a very adult read so please be aware of that and it is also a very short read that is one well written piece of poetry in a very sexy erotic poetic setting.  All that is left to say if you want to read it ... do as I did and pick it up and see what 'Hot Green Tea' is all about and how it has been presented especially for any of you have a 'fetish for hot green tea.'


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