Everything I Always Wanted: A Friends to Lovers Romance by Stephanie Nicole Norris

Book Description...

"It was a mouthwatering kiss that changed everything…

One thing that held constant in Shelby Donovan’s life was her career. As a world renowned artist, Shelby’s paintings traveled the globe, landing in museums and homes across the nation. But what she couldn’t seem to get under control was her love life. Why? She asked herself that question time and time again. Her mother thought it was because of her best friend, Sebastian Cartwright. They’ve known each other for years. Sebastian and Shelby shared everything; embarrassing moments, secrets, dating tips, affection, and even an explosive kiss during one tipsy night on Shelby’s birthday.

But, when Shelby’s current boyfriend asks for her hand in marriage she should be excited, dancing, ready… but she isn’t. In fact, Shelby can’t stop thinking about the kiss she shared with Sebastian. It had to be a fluke, right? A simple, delicious, fiery kiss that pulled at her loins and caused her heartbeat to slam against her ribcage. Honestly, it rocked her world and thoughts of what could be played like piano keys in her head. But their friendship was too important to mix with the uncertainty of a relationship. Even worse, what if Sebastian didn’t feel the same way? It could ruin everything. Should Shelby accept the marriage proposal, or shed her fears and open up to her best friend? Find out in Everything I Always Wanted."

Title:  Everything I Always Wanted:  A Friends to Lovers Romance
Author:  Stephanie Nicole Norris
Publisher:  S. N.N.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Everything I Always Wanted:  A Friends to Lovers Romance" by Stephanie Nicole Norris

My Views....

A sweet romance story that features Shelby Donovan and Sebastian Cartwright who had been long time friends since childhood. Now that they were grown will this feeling grow a little deeper for them?  It is a good romance read in how this author brings it all out so well to the readers. I will say that the heroine got on my nerves a little but I stayed in there and by the end I was won over in understanding her thought pattern.  I even think this would make a sweet movie.  Just seeing how these two will seek one or maybe two things about each other gave this story quite a intriguing plot. Not wanting to stop their friendship as to what will happen if each one starts to change their feelings about each other ... as they seemed to be seeing each other in a quite a different way now.  Nor Shelby and Sebastian wanted to lose their friendship that they held so high for each other. No matter what each one thought maybe this would bring problems to their forever friendship they had for each other and / or even a career change in location....what were they going to do about this type of situation that was before them?  Who will finally give in?  And just who or what was 'Excalibur? ' To get the answers to these questions and so much more you will have to pick up this well written novel, "Everything I Always Wanted: A Friends to Lovers Romance" and see how well this author brings it all out to the reader giving us a ending to a good read.   I enjoyed as I got toward the end of the story  how one of these two [Shelby/ Sebastian] will finally confess their love and do something about it.  Will Shelby accept the marriage proposal from Sebastian and will they finally get their HEA?  Pick up this read to find out.  Would I recommend this novel?  YES!


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