RAPTURE: A BWWM Alpha Male Romance By: Perri Forrest

Book Description...

"They say that love happens when you least expect it.

Meet the star of this story, Hunter “Rush” Cambridge: Heartthrob, somewhat of a local celebrity, and hugely guarded of those he loves. Rush has never been in love. Lust is more his thing. In fact, he’s all business. The former athlete and current bar owner is solely focused on getting his new mega club up and running. But then Alika Collins comes crashing into his life—literally.

Alika has flown from Las Vegas, to the Bay Area to meet up with someone that she met online. Only when she arrives, things quickly go south and Alika realizes that she has made the biggest mistake of her life. But did she?

Sometimes bad things occur so that better things can replace them…

After Alika manages to escape her situation, she finds refuge in the backseat of Rush’s car. Everything moves quickly from that point as she is insinuated into his world. Although Rush is preparing for the opening of his new club, he is compelled to be a source of help to her, in the process.

But while Rush is helping to sort out pieces of Alika’s life, he’s got a few problems of his own. There are forces conspiring to take down everything that he has worked so hard for, and he’s not having it.

Will Rush emerge unscathed once the truth comes out? Will there be love at the end for him and Alika, or is he just the person who happened to come along when she needed a friend the most?"

Title:  RAPTURE: A BWWM Alpha Male Romance   
Author:  Perri Forrester
Publisher:  Chic Loiness Publications
Series: #1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"RAPTURE" A BWWM Alpha Male Romance by Perri Forrester

My Thoughts....

What a story in that you will keep your attention seeing what is coming next.  As I first started reading I was truly wondering about Alika Collins in all that she had gone through.  Why, was she too naive to know what she should and should not do with online dates?  Even though she had been corresponding with this guy for over a year but never meeting this person and then deciding to just show go meet him ...all by yourself?  Well what could one expect would happen...and it did!   I will say that had me shaking my head for a while but after reading how this story was going I thought I would give it a try and just see how this turns out  for Ms. Alika.  It seems like everything goes too well with Alika after meeting that 'alpha male' Hunter 'Rush' Cambridge.  I was still holding my breathe but as I kept reading it seems like maybe these two Alika and Rush may have something in common .....like great chemistry...definitely mesmerizing!  This was definitely one of those stories that it seems like some of the characters were given second chances...well sort of especially with some of Rush's childhood friends [Bart, Joseph & Gavin].  Be ready for lots of high drama, fast paced read with so many twist and turns that the reader will have to keep up because there will be a lots happening.  When it seems like Rush has everything he wanted and then we get to the end and it get blown up for poor Rush.  What a let down...I was hoping their would be some change with that father [Lance Cambridge]of his but NO and even his half sister[Jamie] too?  Why in the world would they both keep that secret?  Didn't they know that would only come back to bite them in the **** especially after Rush finds out about this!  Oh well, we get a cliffhanger and will have to find out more in this 'Rapture 2' series.   So, continuing on... to 'Rapture 2.'


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