It Hurts Me To Love You By: Ms. T. Nicole

Book Description....

"The death of D.C.’s street legend, D. Money Mason, gives his protégé’s, Yam and Snake, control over D.C.
Proper preparation prepares Yam to run the streets with ease as his boy Snake assists him in ruling D. Money’s territories. Running the streets is easy, but trying to keep his daughter a secret and controlling her spoiled and sneaky ways is the toughest job Yam ever endures.

Paisley is selfish, spoiled and stubborn as hell. She defies Yam in every way she can— especially when it comes to men. To teach her a lesson about responsibility, Yam finds that he has no choice but to force Paisley into adulthood but under his strict rules. As a war over territory breaks out, Yam finds that his buried secrets are slowly coming to the surface.
Darius had a lavish childhood, but after losing everything and being bounced between foster homes, he’s more determined than ever to make a name for himself. Being a part of Yam’s team wasn’t enough for Darius; he wanted his name to ring bells in the street. Besides, being a boss was in his blood, and he would stop at nothing until he was sitting on top of the throne.
After gaining her independence and finally standing up to her dad, Paisley feels that it’s time for her to show her dad that she is a grown woman and can handle whatever comes her way. What she can’t tell him is that her sudden burst into womanhood was due to her new man.

As Yam and Snake try to handle the street war that is brewing from the South, Paisley continues down her path to becoming an independent woman. She’s faced with battles of a broken friendship that might not be able to be mended after death comes knocking at her door.

Find out what happens when Paisley’s man begins to piece together bits of his past and finds that his future is a part of his past. He has to make a difficult choice. Either he kills—as promised—or fights for love."

Title:  It Hurts Me To Love You
Author:  Ms. T. Nicole
Publisher:  Royalty Publishing House
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"It Huts Me To Love You" by Ms. T. Nicole

My Viewpoints....

This story was very well written urban fiction that will keep your attention all the way to the end and then leaving you wanting more.  Let's see we have Yamuel [Yam] an over protective father, Snake...Yams best friend, Paisley[Pay Pay] the daughter of Yam, Dana the supposedly best friend of Paisley and then their is DJ...who was definitely involved with Paisley and then there will be a few others that give the reader quite a captivating story with lots of drama. Let me say that these two Yam and Snake has taken over the empire as 'King of the Streets' and in doing all of this they had raised Paisley keeping the fact a secret they she was the daughter of Yam so his enemies wouldn't use her as bait. However, as this story continues the big problem to this story was this father [Yam] ever be able to let his daughter [Paisley now 23 years old] grow up, make her own mistakes and live her own life?'  Well it seems like maybe this will happen for Paisley as DJ comes into the picture. But there will be a lots that has gone on in DJ's life that one thing he will not tolerate in his life is  a person that lie to him.  Now, what had happened earlier in his life would have caused him to be like that? 

As this story continues there will be plenty of action going on that will definitely keep the reader turning pages to see what will happen next.  Toward the end why was this quote so important to it comes from Yam...during Thanksgiving visit....

"Daddy stood up and greeted Uncle Snake as he often did.  "What's good, bro? ****let's eat.  Let's live.  We are kings, and the streets are our servants."

Why did this statement coming from Yam caused DJ to have the reaction he had?  Well, to learn more, yes this is a cliffhanger where you will have to pick up the author next part 2 to find out what DJ has in his  mind  as he says to Paisley ..."P, I love you baby girl, and always remember that I've always been one hell of a cleanup man, and I promise you, I'm about to do the biggest cleanup of my ******* life."  Will the truth  of this whole story finally come out?


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