Rapture 4 (the finale): A BWWM Alpha Male By: Perri Forrest

Book Description....

"Alika Cambridge is the wife of Rush, mother to an adorable set of twins and stepmother to a beautiful preteen. But she is also someone's daughter. A someone that Alika has absolutely no connection to.

Enter Davina Bianchi. Having abandoned Alika as an infant, Davina has been desperately seeking out the daughter she walked away from. Alika, on the other hand, has no desire to enter a relationship with this woman from her past. In fact, Alika has made it perfectly clear that she already has a family and that she has on room for any more. But Davina is not giving up. She plans to do whatever she can to get just a moment to speak her peace.

Unfortunately, for Davina, she's never met Rush. She doesn't know that Rush does whatever he needs to do to protect his family. This time is no different. Davina better watch out. Especially, when it's revealed that her intentions for Alika, aren't as pure as she's made them out to be.

Get ready for this rollercoaster ride of both highs and lows that will finish out the Rapture series. There will be a few new characters introduced, but this will always be Rush & Alika's story, so expect to see plenty of the couple as they weave through the thick webs that await them."

Title:  Rapture 4 (the finale): A BWWM Alpha Male
Author:  Perri Forrest
Publisher:  Chic Lioness Publications
Series: # 4
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Rapture 4" (the finale): A BWWM Alpha Male By: Perri Forrest

My Final Thoughts of this series!


Why do I say all of that?

Alika Collins Cambridge  was one strong black woman FINALLY THERE being strong, wise and oh my goodness loving!

Rush Cambridge...well... all I can see he was truly one take charge..ALPHA...definitely a protector!

Now after saying all of that...

This author did a excellent job at bringing it all out for this hero and heroine  in this last series "Rapture 4."  I loved how all of the important questions were answered for me.

How this author brings it all out front and center about Alika was mind simply mind blowing! Now, I can even more understand Alika's background that showing her many 'trial and tribulations that she had gone through. And in the end finding her family! Alika finally gets closure!

The reader gets even more new characters in this last series...Coco[Anikka], Davina with a few others that gives us quite a interesting understanding of this whole story with Alika.

The reader will get one full  circle of a read...now I will say you will have to read the whole series to really understand how well this author delivers and brings it all out to the reader.,,,"Rapture, Rapture 2, Rapture 3 and the finale...Rapture 4."

So, if you are looking for a series with sexy romance, intrigueness with oh my....so many twist and turns you have come to the right place for 'Rapture 4' will give it all to you and more!

Now, I want to end this review by saying this author was new for me and when she sent me her Rapture Series to read and give my honest opinion,  I didn't know what to expect. But I will say after reading the entire Rapture Series .... this was one of the best series I have had the privilege of reading in one setting in a long time.  This series of Rapture 1-4 was simply a wonderful read and reading it one behind each other... all that is left to say is that it was one excellent written series.  I hope to read many more novels by this author.  Thank you Author Perri Forrest for giving the readers such a great Rapture Series read that was truly enjoyed.💓


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