Rapture 3: A BWWM Alpha Male Romance by Perri Forrest

Book Description....

"A man’s job is never done. It holds especially true when you’re Rush Cambridge.

The story is back and with something of a vengeance. In RAPTURE, new couple Alika and Rush were brought together under severe circumstances. Alika literally crashed into Rush’s life and created a need that he didn’t realize existed until she was there to awaken it.

By RAPTURE 2, the couple had already been faced with the first of many obstacles: Rush’s father was murdered, his mother’s return after years of absence, and the arrival of a daughter that Rush never knew existed.

RAPTURE 3 promises to keep the momentum going. Rush wrote off his sister, Jamie, when he realized that she knew about his daughter. Will they mend their relationship? Or will they remain siblings in name, only? What will happen when tragedy strikes and the traumatic event touches several of the lives that Rush holds dear? And what about Siobhan, Rush’s mother, who was being sought for his father’s murder? Somebody doesn’t want to let it go, and wants to make sure that Siobhan pays for her crime. It’s just too much, isn’t it? Well, it’s happening all while Rush and Alika await the birth of their first child.

We know this couple can overcome just about anything, but will it still hold true in the end?"

Title:  "Rapture 3" A BWWM Alpha Male Romance
Author:  Perri Forrest
Publication:  Chic Lioness Publications
Series:  # 3
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"Rapture 3": A BWWM Alpha Male Romance  by Perri Forrest

My Views....

All I can say is I loved this series....the characters are simply off the chart...well developed, portrayed and oh so believable that you will not be able to put this one down until the end...only left wanting more!  The reader will be able to feel all of the emotions from its intriguness, excitement, danger, heartbreak, romance [passionate loving chemistry], as this author delivers to us a mystery, suspense, serial killer, with twist and turns and even the humor in one amazing well told story.  To name a few of the  characters ..from Rush, Alika, Tracie, Jamie, Greg, Jenae, Michaela, Miss Glenda, Siobhan, Carl, Jamie to Quinton to name a few will give the reader one awesome good HEA read.A lot of these characters have their own story giving the reader wow of a read.   This was definitely one of those reads that was truly about the 'family that had it all to deal with from pasted issues, betrayal, forgiveness and the unconditional love that was had for one another.'  All that is left for me to say is that this author really knows how to bring her characters to life where you will only be left wanting more and since there is one more series 'Rapture 4' I am more than sure we are in another wonderful read and learning even more about this family that seems to have quite a blend.  I definitively would recommend this read but also I will say the reader will need to start with 'Rapture,' then move on the 'Rapture 2' and then this one 'Rapture 3' to fully understand how well this story has been put together and delivered so very well to the reader.

 Thank you to the author for giving the readers another good 'Rapture Series' read!


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