The Delusion of Inclusion By: Brian W. Smith

Book Description....

"Wood Mercer, a single father, works two jobs to ensure that his only child, Ryan, can grow up in the suburbs of Dallas, TX. Wood has a lot of financial stress on him, but he has an everyday challenge that trumps the pile of bills in his in his predominantly all white neighborhood.

Wood has been racially profiled numerous times by the police and insulted by neighbors who question why he's living in their community. The incidents have left a bad taste in Wood's mouth, but he deals with it all because he feels the suburban lifestyle (i.e., the schools, lack of crime, etc.) is better for Ryan. Nevertheless, the experience has hardened his heart and made him prejudice toward white people. But, things get more stressful for Wood after Ryan graduates high school and attends college. Sensing Ryan wants more freedom, Wood agrees to let him live on campus. But Ryan's new found freedom brings out a new set of challenges for Wood. Ryan gets a new girlfriend...a white girl who admits that her father is a bigot.

The Delusion of Inclusion takes a look into the world of the black middle-class in a way that's rarely done. In particular, the novel delves into how suburban raised black Millennial's have a different perspective on racial issues than their "inner-city" raised parents.

Laced with thought provoking truths, biting humor, and yes, the plot twists that bestselling author Brian W. Smith has become known for, this is a novel you will have a hard time putting down once you start reading. It is the kind of novel that will have readers (especially those in book clubs) debating long after they finish reading it."

Title:  The Delusion of Inclusion
Author:  Brian W. Smith
Publisher:  B.W.S.
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"The Delusion of Inclusion" by Brian W. Smith

My Viewpoint....

What a interesting story that only this author can give to his readers!  I will say by the end of this story I was in tears in how this author presented this novel so well to the reader.  This was definitely a excellent read that dealt so well with today's 'prejudices and racial profiling' as we can see that racism still exist in our African American and Caucasian world.  The characters [from Wood, Ryan, C- When & Paige] to name a few were all over the top.  They were very well developed, portrayed and even humorous as times giving the reader one intriguing, thought provoking as well as a very emotional read that will give you a lots to think about long after the read.


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