Year Of No Clutter By: Eve O. Schaub

Book Description....

"Eve has a problem with clutter. Too much stuff and too easily acquired, it confronts her in every corner and on every surface in her house. When she pledges to tackle the worst offender, her horror of a "Hell Room," she anticipates finally being able to throw away all of the unnecessary things she can't bring herself to part with: her fifth-grade report card, dried-up art supplies, an old vinyl raincoat.

But what Eve discovers isn't just old CD's and outdated clothing, but a fierce desire within herself to hold on to her identity. Our things represent our memories, our history, a million tiny reference points in our lives. If we throw our stuff in the trash, where does that leave us? And if we don' do we know what's really important?

Everyone has their own Hell Room, and Eve's battle with her clutter, along with her eventual self-clarity, encourages everyone to dig into their past to declutter their future. Year of No Clutter is a deeply inspiring--and frequently hilarious -- examination of why we keep stuff in the first place, and how to let it all go."

Title:  Year Of No Clutter
Author:  Eve O. Schaub
Publisher:  Sourcebooks
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Year Of No Clutter" by Eve O. Schaub

My Thoughts...

This is a true story of how Eve who had one horrible secret and that was that she was a collector of things which turned out to being a hoarder [collector vs hoarder].  What may be a surprise to many but this is so true of a lot of us that just start out collecting things as we will see from Eve's standpoint that she had over 500 square feet [secret Hell room] of things that she has keep because it seemed like everything meant so much to her life. So, Eve decides to start a 'Year of No Clutter.'  Now how will this turn out for her?  How will she dealt with what to keep, throw away or send to charity?  Has all of this stuff given her 'happiness, joy, satisfaction, or simply a connection to various memories?'  I know a lot of people can identify with this book including myself!  So, as I read this read I kept waiting to get more advice on how to get get of my clutter but it seemed like this read was more about 'Eve's personal journey and growth [her memoirs] rather to the actual organizational how to guide book.'  Now, I will say it was quite a interesting read even though it wasn't quite what I thought the novel would be about.  I will say I was given some inspired ways to tackle some of my problem areas in my home.  By the end  of the read Eve did let the reader know that after a year just what she decided to keep, threw out and donate using plenty of scenarios giving the reader some interesting stories.  I did learn from the read this wasn't just about her being the only hoarder in this family, for her husband and father had some of these issues to.


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