Up At Butternut Lake: Butternut Lake Trilogy #1 By: Mary McNear

Title:  Up at Butternut Lake
Author:  Mary McNear
Publisher:  William Morrow & Company
Series:  The Butternut Lake Trilogy #1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Age Recommended:  Adult
Rating: 4.5

"Up At Butternut Lake" by Mary McNear was a wonderful told contemporary inspirational romance novel.  I will say this was a rather hard read for me but since I had asked to read it I chartered on.
This author did a marvelous job with presented to us a story of Alice Beckett who was trying to pick up the pieces of her life now that she was a widow, she goes to a place looking for safety.  Now she is with her son Wyatt on Butternut Lake. I enjoyed the read of this author's novel of showing
how Alice is trying to make it from day to day  and meets up with a friends and even a newcomer.  I enjoyed reading how these four characters ...Alice, Jax and Caroline and Walker all connecting so well together but also showing how each did struggled with love, loss risk taken, fears that were confronted and a new embrace on life.  I liked seeing  this new life as it was seen coming to Alice and to even her son Wyatt.  This author did a brilliant  job in this presentation of a healing process and seeing it  helping others from death of a love one, deception, failed marriage and even darker parts of the past that in the end  that each of the four characters had to go through.  I really enjoyed this part of the read even though it had been a hard read for me.  It gives us hope  for all who are in the need if it and I would definitely recommend it as a good read.


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