Church Gurlz' Book 1 [Mother's Black Book] By H.H. Fowler

Title:  Church Gurlz' Book 1 
Author:  H.H. Fowler
Publisher:  H.H.F.
Series:  [Mother's Black Book]
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Church Gurlz' 1" by H.H. Fowler...

"How does it feel to be treated like dirt beneath someone’s shoes? Or no matter how hard you push to get into someone’s good graces, you are continuously batted away as if you are an irritant pest? Ask Tara Lamont, hairstylist and fiancée to Wynton Lakatos – who struggles hard against the burgeoning attacks of Wynton’s mother, Doreen Lakatos. Doreen is no pushover. She might be the First Lady of Brandon View Baptist Church, but like most mothers she wants the best for her children. To Doreen, that means Tara is not good enough for Wynton, and that she will stop at nothing until she kicks Tara as far as she can -- out of Wynton’s life.

Jasmine Benton – daughter of real estate tycoon, Karl Benton – knows what it’s like to be ‘listed’ in “Mother’s Black Book”. Her past connection with Wynton created bad blood between Doreen and Jasmine’s mother, which ultimately led to Jasmine being ‘deployed’ to a different city for twelve years. But something tragic occurs that brings Jasmine back to face her past. How will she fare under the ‘new’ rules of the game?

Then finally, Marcia Gippings – the blind beauty, who met Doreen’s other son, Brian, on a dating website. Marcia is determined to make her heart’s desires a reality. Brian Lakatos – the man of her dreams – is a dashing gentleman, but when it comes to choosing a wife, Brian is extremely selective. Marcia is blind. Will he choose her, or not?

Four women – each desperately want something, but how far will they go before they realize that life is never exactly the way that one imagines?"

What I liked from this series....

"Church Gurtz'1" was indeed a good read however, that cliffhanger?  Oh, well I will be picking up the next series because this story line will keep you turning the pages to see what is going to happen next! I will say you will have to pick up the next series to see how this will end.   There will be a lots going on in 'Church Gurtz' 1"  read so you will have to keep several stories going on at the same time that are so full with intensed drama.  Be ready for a read with some of it all...romance, miscarriage, deceit,  murder, infidelity to church people faith challenged .... all out there.  This is one intriguing read that has been well written by this author that I would recommend to you. 


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