The Glass Kitchen By Linda Francis Lee

Title:  The Glass Kitchen
Author:  Linda Francis Lee
Publisher:  St Martin's Press
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Age Recommended: Adult
Rating: 4.5

"The Glass Kitchen" by Linda Francis Lee was a interesting contemporary romantic read that did have some fantasy interwoven  into it.   I found the read and interesting way his author presented this romance.  It was indeed a interesting read surrounding Portia who after managing through a  horrible marriage and the death of her grandmother Portia will move to NYC broken hearted with two suitcases  along with her grandmother's 'Glass Kitchen Cookbooks and the 'gift' that she no longer wanted.  It was at this point I found somewhat strange but continued on with the read.  Well,
after reading a little further I was able to understand the thought pattern of his author and it was a
good one and I liked it.  'The Knowing' wow, what was that?  Even though Portia has stopped listening to 'The Knowing' which was  the urges to create recipes (dishes) that would tell  her that something will it good or bad...however, she would never know until it happened.  I enjoyed how this was presented by the author. Those consequences Portia now wanted nothing to do with especially after what had happened to her grandmother. This I could very well understand from the read.  Then life moves on and  takes her to NY where we find Portia wanting to get on with her life in her new place where she thought she would be living with her sisters but to find out....the author goes another direction and presents us with new people... Gabriel Kane and his daughters.  I like how this author tune the reader into  one of the daughter's Ariel as well as Gabriel, who had a few secrets of his own.  I think this really helped  Portia come out of her funk as she will help so much with that situation with Gabriel's daughter... making a connection relationship  with this family.  Also, I can see it...the urging for Portia to get back into the kitchen again even though she still remembers what had happened to her liked this part best of the story.  I don't want to tell to much so to spoil the story.  I  will say I thought this author did do a good job with this  well written  story and how is deepens with some secrets being  revealed and surprises that did come out that will keep you truly zoomed into  turning  the pages until the end.  I would definitely see how this one would be a very interesting to the  Women's Fiction or Chick Lit readers.   Oh, and at  if you are into recipes check be sure to  out  the end of this novel  for some wonderful recipes that I  tried (a few) and did love them!


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