Church Gurlz' II [In The Presence of My Enemy] By H.H. Fowler

Title:  Church Gurlz' II 
Author: H.H. Fowler
Publisher:  More Wind, More Fire Publishing
Series: [In The Presence Of My Enemy]
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Church Gurlz' II" by H.H. Fowler...

"The manipulation continues as Doreen Lakatos releases her deadly venom against Tara, her son's fiancée, who tries to blackmail Doreen about a secret Tara has stumbled upon. But Doreen refuses to be backed into a corner. She knows some of Tara's secrets, too. Both women fight to the bitter end, as they realize that they both have something precious to lose. Who will end up as the one on top?

Jasmine, daughter of one of the richest men in real estate, is going after happiness, which she hopes to find with one of the Lakatos men. Will it be with Wynton or with Brian? But with Doreen in the mix, Jasmine soon discovers that her choice will not be so easy.

Marcia Gippings, the blind beauty, appears to have moved on from her "obsession" with Brian, but something happens that pulls her attention front and center for a man that she’s loved from the first day she met him. Will her life ever be the same?

In the Presence of my Enemy, is filled with lies, secrets, murder, and classic blackmail. Those whom you love the most, seem to hurt you the most!"

What I enjoyed from this read....

The novel was the second in the 'Church Gurlz's series and indeed it was a good read just like the first one  that will get and keep your attention all the way through the story.  If you like suspense then you have come to the right place because I was in awe of it all finding myself even holding my breath a little until I got through that part of the read where I was lead to go from angry, sad and then happy to back a forth depending on what the situation issue was.

The characters were mostly all continued from the first series and were all well defined, developed, colorful and believable.  Some of the characters you will fall in love with while their will be some that you will not like. Be ready for a interesting read where there will be much drama that will add to the intensiveness of this emotional read.  Even though this series gave the reader a ending, I a still looking forward to the third and last series of 'Church Gurtz III.''  What will this author add to this next series?   I found when that  author has written another amazing Christian story that I would recommend. 


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