Church Gurlz' III [The Aftermath] By: H.H. Fowler

Title:  Church Gurlz III 
Author:  H.H. Fowler
Publisher:  More Wind, More Fire Publishing
Series: The Aftermath
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Church Gurlz III" by H.H. Fowler...

"Doreen Lakatos is six feet in her grave, but there is a new sheriff in town. Mother Veronica Stephens, newly appointed Women's pastor of Brandon View International Church, is a self-righteous bigot who goes after the inheritance of the Lakatos men. She is sharp, determined and willing to do anything to create the biggest scandal in Church history.

Jasmine Benton-Fowler, former love interest of both Lakatos brothers, is back in town for a joyous event. However, something tragic happens, which forces Jasmine to stay in town longer than she is welcomed. Her stubbornness to leave, makes room for the devil to move in.

In Church Gurlz 3 (The Aftermath), the message of forgiveness and hope rings loud and clear. If your father had killed your mother, or if your mother, for thirty years had lied to you about who your real father is, would you be willing to forgive and forget? A test of true character is unraveled in a surprising twist."

What I enjoyed from the read....

This was another good enjoyable  series and the last one for this author.  I found it a well written read that would keep your attention.   The novel was a good ending to such a wonderful series. This author brings to the reader to a relationship of Wynton, Jasmine Brian which was beautifully done.  It was interesting seeing when it seems like all may be going good the devil will  shows up through 'Church folks full of lies, deceits, sex, adoption,  theft and entitlement.'  The story has some twist that you will be found shaking your head wondering what is next?   Be ready for a interesting and suspenseful read with a lots of twist and turns keeping you guessing.  The stories from this series really come to life and how this author was able to eventually bring it all out to the readers.  'Church Gurtz III' showed 'unforgiveness, and forgiveness' at the lowest and highest point and giving the reader a truly shocking ending.


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