Happily Ever After By Eliabeth Maxwell

Title:  Happily Ever After
Author:  Elizabeth Maxwell
Publisher:  Touchstone
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Age Recommended:  Adult
Rating: 4.5

"Happily Ever After" by Elizabeth Maxwell was definitely a fun, unique romance read.  I liked how this author was able to take the reader on a intertwining of different genres to present to the me a interesting story-contemporary, paranormal(magical), erotic, chit lit, some women's fiction and romantic comedy.  I liked the ride of the twist and turns as this story will take you on this fun read. I liked how this author put together this read where I can even see the main character is somewhat overweight, divorced, raising a  eleven year old daughter and supports herself by writing erotica stories. Hay its a job and someone wants to do it!  It really become interesting as you read of  Sadie Fuller when she goes over a current manuscript to find a character and parts of the story she didn't
write...is she losing her mind?  I could even feel with her from the read as fear comes when she stumbles across one of her characters while at the Target store. I really enjoyed how this author presenting the reading with wondering if ... will any of this have to do with helping Sadie  find just what she has lost in her life? I thought this was some deep realization being presented here.   Some of the characters were very well developed and colorful   ... from having to deal with those  noisy neighbors to spandex support I found the read  was definitely blunt and hilarious  in giving the me the reader a even closer  up look  at a single Mom from dating to sex few points.   Now, this maybe a little odd,  cute and unique read however, by picking up this read you will see in the end what this author wants  the reader to understand. I got it!    I also found this story somewhat predictable at times but the way this author presents "Happily Ever After" this read will keep you hooked and very entertained.  


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