Blessed Trinity By: Vanessa Davis Griggs

Title:  Blessed Trinity
Author:  Vanessa Davis Griggs
Publisher:  Dafina
Series:  The Blessed Trinity Series #1
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Blessed Trinity" by Vanessa Davis Griggs...

 Three devastating secret.

"Faith Alexandria Morrell, the oldest of a mysterious trio of sisters, lives a troubled life and guards a horrifying secret. Yet few, least of all her new church family, would believe this always-impeccably-dressed woman is so utterly lost. But what lies beneath the surface of Faith's carefully constructed veneer could completely destroy her.
Needing help, Faith and her sisters, Hope and Charity, join Followers of Jesus Faith Worship Center. This new mega church, led by the dreadlock-wearing, Holy Ghost-filled Pastor George Landris, just may offer the solace she needs. But Faith soon discovers that all is not well in her new church home: Pastor Landris's  marriage may not be as solid as everyone thinks and he's struggling to finance the church building; Thomas, the pastor's deadbeat brother, is diagnosed as bipolar; and Johnnie Mae, the pastor's wife, is facing some tough choices regarding her ailing mother's care. How can Faith and her sisters find comfort here when so many are wrestling with their own issues? And when one sister suffers a crushing collapse, prayer may be the only way to unravel the mystery shadowing Faith and her sisters--the blessed trinity. "

What I loved about "Blessed Trinity"...

I found this read truly one great read that you will not be able to put down this inspirational read
until the very end.  This  novel  is the first in the series and  what a read.  I loved this beginning series with Pastor George Landris and Johnnie Mae Taylor Landris.  Truly it wasn't a smooth ride for the Landris after moving to Alabama and starting a new ministry... Jesus Faith Worship Center.   Be ready for lots of drama in the church, with their family... and those three interesting women  that comes into their lives....and the 'secret' that will come to the surface only to change many people's lives. 

In the end you will have a truly one amazing Christian fiction read that will only lead you to want to read more from this author. 



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