Unexpected By: Aja and Roy Glenn

Title:  Unexpected
Authors:  Aja and Roy Glenn
Publisher:  She Loves Words Publishing
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  4

"Unexpected" by Aja and Roy Glenn...
Maya Taylor has been left stung by the arrow of love one too many times for her liking. Swearing off heartache she decides that the staid and boring life is just fine for her. But a well-meaning friend points out that she isn’t really living at all and helps Maya embark on a journey with a new attitude. This leads to a chance encounter with a handsome gentleman that is all about living in the moment.

Roman Newsome has constantly been on the search for the perfect woman. She needs to look beautiful, have something to talk about other than herself and be able to keep up with his prowess in bed. But having found out that most women pretend to have it all only to reveal their true unappealing colors, he’s decided the perfect woman must not exist. Until he meets Maya. . .

Can these two fundamentally different people make their romance work? Will he settle his spirit long enough to realize that “perfect” really just means, perfect for him? And will Maya accept that she has to take a chance at love in order to truly live her life.

What happens between them may just be . . . unexpected.

What I liked about "Unexpected" was that it was a good short romantic story and once you start reading you will find it hard to put down until the end and oh my what a ending!  I loved how the these author was able to give the reader a good sweet story of Maya and Roman who had both been through bad relationships.  It was   quite interesting that "Unexpected" was so very relatable in today's world where you will find these two people who were both accountants being able to come to a resolution to their issues, talking to one another and in so finding....  but  before that will happen we will see from the read where  Maya's pass hasn't been lucky in love situations and then we will also  see from the read that even Roman  has had some problems too. Getting this all figured out will be interesting read. 


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