Just Between Us: Inspiring Stories By Women By: Authors: Selena Haskins, Christy Thomas, Adrienne Thompson, Janice Ross, Nicole Dunkap, & T.M. Brown

Title:  Just Between Us:  Inspiring Stories By Women
Authors:  Selena Haskins, TM Brown, Janice Ross, Nicole Dunlap, Tamika Christy & Adrienne          Thompson
Publisher:  Calidream Publishing Company
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  5

Just Between Us: Inspiring Stories By Women by a host of wonderful authors....

"Just Between US there is a determination to reminisce and reveal all that once crippled our lives. You are invited to share in this short story collection of TM Brown, Tamika Christy, Nicole Dunlap, Selena Haskins, Janice Ross and Adrienne Thompson. These stories are all real, no work of fiction can match the emotional expressions displayed in this heartfelt collection of inspirational stories."

What I enjoyed from this novel....

I enjoyed reading from these six good author's... their version of 'Life.'    They all really had some inspiring short stories about their personal and important moment in their lives that were a good encouragement to all who reads for it. Be ready for a stories  of "self doubt, challenges and disappointments." 

 I found each author anthology  had its own unique and personal message with such a deep lesson that was learned from their own particular  lives.  Each ones life's weren't perfect but they were able to rise above it all so well....and look at them now definitely having over come   the odds.   I believe each of these author showed that they wrote from their heart with each  intimate story showing such emotions that can be conquered.  These are definitely stories that can be related and pass on to others who are dealing with such issues such as 'hardships, love, conflict, loss, redemption and the salvation through God's healing love."   

What I especially like from this novel ....

I liked how these authors were able to share with their readers about such details that will help others that were definitely written with love showing us your openness and honesty.   Great job to all of you! 

Here are the six short story titles by these authors...

Mirror Don't Lie- Selena Haskins
For the Love of Your-Tamika Christy
Epiphany-Adrienne Thompson
Love Letters to Jahdai- Janice Ross
Falling for the One-Nichole Dunlap
Tinaah-T.M. Brown

I recommend you pick us this read "Just Between Us: Inspiring Stories by Women.


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