Redeeming Waters By: Vanessa Davis Griggs

Title:  Redeeming Waters
Author:  Vanessa Davis Griggs
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating 4.5

"Redeeming Waters" by Vanessa Davis Griggs.....

"Brianna is 10 years old when she first meets 25-year-old David R. Shepherd, a devout and gifted gospel recording artist who ultimately becomes world renowned megastar, King d.Avid. He leaves an impression on Brianna she will never forget. And they are destined to meet again."

What I enjoy from reading "Redeeming Waters"...was how this author featured this story around
David and Bathesba in a new and very interesting way. There will be a twist on this storyline
as well as some lessons that will be learned as this author gets to the point in the amazing read.  This will be a read that you may wrestle with the questions of  'faith, fidelity and forgiveness. I found the
characters Brianna and Alana's were so real in their friendship.  Again, I loved the way this author brought in the scriptures at the beginning of each chapter of how it related to the story.  "Redeeming Waters" was definitely a page turner that will keep your attention to the end.  Yes, this was a love story that will keep you guessing, thinking, some laughter, maybe a tear or two and in the end you get to see the power of God's love. 



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