Daughters Who Walk This Path by: Yejide Kilanko

Title:  Daughters Who Walk This Path
Author:  Yejide Kilanko
Publisher: Penguin Canada
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4.5

"Daughters Who Walk This Path" by  Yejide Kilanko

"Spirited and intelligent, Morayo grows up surrounded by school friends and family in busy, modern-day Ibadan, Nigeria. An adoring little sister, their traditional parents, and a host of aunties and cousins make Morayo's home their own. So there's nothing unusual about her charming but troubled cousin Bros T moving in with the family. At first Morayo and her sister are delighted, but in her innocence, nothing prepares Morayo for the shameful secret Bros T forces upon her.

Thrust into a web of oppressive silence woven by the adults around her, Morayo must learn to fiercely protect herself and her sister from a legacy of silence many women in Morayo's family share. Only Aunty Morenike—once shielded by her own mother—provides Morayo with a safe home and a sense of female community that sustains her as she grows into a young woman in bustling, politically charged, often violent Nigeria."

What I gathered from the read....

I found from reading "Daughters Who Walk This Path" was a well written story about 'family, friendship, community and personal courage."  I like how the author used a 'Nigerian proverb' at the beginning of each chapter which enhanced what was involving around this story's  growth into adulthood.  You will be caught up in the read as this author shares with the reader a thought provoking and private moments that come up for this young girl named  Morayo and her sister Eniayo who happened to be born an albino.    From the read we find that some of the relatives gave the family a  hard time  about this albino child.  I found it real interesting how people seemed to come and go out of this family's life and then there was that troubled spoiled cousin who proved to be really horrible being the one who would ... I will stop at this point not wanting to spoil it.  I will say at this point in the read I didn't understand the reasoning of Morayo's parents with there silence and secrets.  It was interesting seeing how the story was well  presented with what had happened to Morayo...'the big secret' that almost destroyed her but thank God for their being a family member  (aunt Morenike) that was able to come in  having gone through similar experiences  and helped Morayo bear her burden and help hold this family together. This story was well presented and this was one of my favorite parts of the read.

I loved this author's storyline as well as the  style of writing showing intensed  drama and suspense.  This is this  author's first novel and I believe it was done very well written definite giving the readers signs of a  'gentle, caring and insightful  type of read.  As you read "Daughters Who Walk This Path"  you will be quickly drawn into this family's 'community, culture and sisterhood.'  I did find a few words (Nigerian names)that I could not pronounce but that was OK I was still able to understand what was going on in the read. I also found  one chapter  a little different when the author dived into the political  realm, but all in all  it came out a good read. 

I found the main characters were well developed, believable, intriguing and therefore we got a captivating read that will keep your attention that has so much intensed emotions as well as experiences.  It was really good to see the main heroine as she journeys to womanhood having overcome some much difficult times in her life .now being able to establish some lasting friendship, move through some difficult relationships with men and most of all heal from sexual abuse that had been place on her.  I love seeing as the story progressed there being a beautiful relationship that was inspired by these woman as they share their bonds. 

This author really goes into depth conveying the moral fundamental questions that should be  applied  to young children  and teens in that there  should be a stand taken against domestic and sexual violence.

What I really loved from the read....

"Daughters Who Walk This Path" was a story of a this young woman's emotional life's journey and all that she had endured from this traumatic ordeal to become the woman she became....a successful adult. Even though a lot of the read was said I still found this read quite interesting of cultures of other countries as was presented from this [Ibadan, Africa] experience.


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