Surrender By: Brenda Jackson

Title:  Surrender
Author:  Brenda Jackson
Publisher:  Harlequin
Series:  Madaris Family and Friends #10
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Surrender" by Brenda Jackson

"After a childhood spent moving from army base to army base, Nettie Brooms is determined to secure a stable life -- and never become involved with a military man. Then she meets handsome, charming Ashton Sinclair, a dedicated Colonel in the U.S. Marines, who's intent on capturing her heart. Now, Nettie's wondering how a man she swore she would avoid could so easily test her igniting an irresistible passion she can't ignore."

What I liked about "Surrender"  was that it was a continuation of the Madaris family stories.  This story was mainly about Netherland Brooms Colonel Ashton Sinclair where their will be a lots of sensual tension between these two.  We have Nettie vowing never to get involved with any military men after growing up in a military family which required her moving around a lot and then here comes Ashton who will come back into her life and changes it all. Also  be ready for a story that will have  several other story lines that you will have to  only keep up with it all.   "Surrender" was truly full of sweet intriguing love stories  that dud  keep my  attention till the end.  I enjoyed how this author was able to bring along characters from her other series of the Madaris family as well as giving us some new ones as well.  Even though this is a stand alone novel I would recommend to  enjoy the read even more pick  up the previous books in the amazing series. 


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