A Successful Marriage Mr. Ben

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"The interest, A Successful Marriage, recognizes the factor that constitutes the building block of a successful marriage. In its recognition, a successful marriage is achieved mainly through the active
participation of the man (husband) and wife. Without this condition, there is no successful marriage.

It asserts that a successful marriage can be viewed as life-long union which requires the bedrock that has the identity known as true love. It identifies the cause behind short-lived marriages, irrespective of race, status and background as unreal marital foundation laid; trivia.

A Successful Marriage clearly points the active involvement of a knowing-husband and knowing-wife to appreciate the bedrock, true love, as the only foundation of a successful marriage. Acknowledging marital success can be measured by its longevity; it sees true love, the foundation of a successful marriage, as being translated in the light of marital longevity."

Title:  A Successful Marriage
Author:  Mr. Ben
Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory 
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Five

"A Successful Marriage" by Mr. Ben

My Logic:  

This was a very interesting reading with the topic being how one can achieve a successful happy marriage
that centers on the correct elements that are needed in order to have a good marriage.  

What are the two most important elements that are needed would be:  'Trust and Communication' definitely with these two going hand in hand for one to have in a successful marriage.  This may not be easy all the time but one can achieve this in developing a successful marriage. Along with that we find the author gives us some good pointers on the physical as well the spiritual  parts of a marriage that also helps in having  and maintaining a good marriage relationship that goes hand in hand so well with having 'A Successful Marriage.' 

By my being marriage for over 47 years a lots of this read I felt the information this author gives out to the reader would help one to have and maintained a successful marriage. So, if you are looking for a motivational  and inspiritual read I would recommend this read for you.   


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