All Roads Lead Home Kindle Edition by Darlene Franklin

Book Description...

One day Graceanne Willis was enjoying a softball game between the Waynoka Harvey Girls team and a team made of train engineers from the same depot.

Then Charles Lindberg landed on the playing field and announced his plans make Waynoka the hub of the first ever transcontinental transport service by air-and-train. Graceanne’s beau Peter is offered a job with the fledgling air transport

Does Graceanne trust God—and Peter--enough to let go? The two of them embark on a cross country journey to discover whether their paths will merge, or head in separate directions."

Title:  All Roads Lead Home
Author:  Darlene Franklin
Publisher:  Forget Me Not Romances, a division of Winged Publications   
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating:  Five

"All Roads Lead Home" by Darlene Franklin

My Thoughts...

This was a beautifully written story of Graceanne Willis who was a Harvey Girl from Waynoka, Oklahoma and Peter Wagner who worked on trains and also studied the engines of airplanes.  "All Roads Lead Home" was really enjoyable and interesting read as we get a ride with 'Charles Lindberg.'  Well. the way the story is written you will feel as though you are right there in the mist of it all.  Then as the characters take a trip that will make you feel all the richness of it all through there travels with the visiting wonderful sights, eating delicious foods, different issues with the weather and the friends that were made along this travel really made this storyline so very engaging.  The author really knows how to keep one interest through the descriptions of amazing sites that you will definitely have you feeling that you are right there in the mist of it all  By the end will Graceanne and Peter get to their HEA? Well, to find out you will have to pick up 'All Roads Lead Home" to see.  Thank you to the author for such a interesting good read about Waynoka, Oklahoma.  


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