Another Bump in the Road: Struggles of the Women Folk - Part 3 Kindle Edition by TM Brown

Book Description...

"This is PART THREE of Struggles of the Women Folk. Follow TM as she shares the experiences of characters that you’ve come to love and hate. Continue the emotional roller ride that spans several generations, weaving through the pain and uncertainty that consumes their lives."

Title:  Another Bump in the Road
Author:  T.M. Brown
Publisher:  T. M. B.
Series: Part 3
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

"Another Bump in the Road: Struggles of the Women Folk" by T. M. Brown

My Thoughts... 

This is the third sequel to this Struggles of the Women Folk...'Another Bump in the Road.'  To truly understand this read I would highly suggest you read the first two sequels because the reads will definitely let you understand what all is going on with the characters that are all in Angle's world.  
The author gives us more new characters that will have you shaking your head and saying what in the world is going on?  However if you keep turning the pages you will definitely find some more 'very interesting, powerful, and complex people' that will come out and light up some more situations by the end of the story and when you think it's coming to a end.....'No!  It ain't over, because there seems to be another bump in this road' says the spirit of Georgie, Sissy, Angel and Donnie!'


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