Heart of a Marquess: Regency Romance (Gentlemen and Brides) by Joyce Alec

Book Description....

"A plan born of deception… Can Charlotte overcome her stepsister’s cruel actions and find the love she deserves?

Miss Charlotte Richardson was heartbroken when her father died, but is elated when her mother remarries. It brings Charlotte such joy to see her mother happy again.

Charlotte hopes to develop a close bond with her new stepsister, Lady Emma, but her hopes are quickly shattered. Lady Emma is upset that she must now share her home with Charlotte, whom she feels is beneath her.

When the Marquess of Withington develops affections for Charlotte, Lady Emma is furious because she wants him for his wealth and title. Lady Emma will stop at nothing and devises a plan that will ruin all possibilities of Charlotte finding happiness.

Will Charlotte find true love even though Lady Emma is determined to destroy her reputation? Can Lord Withington see through Lady Emma’s deceitful nature?

If you love clean and wholesome, Regency-era romances with a strong woman heroine and an inspirational romantic story, you will love Heart of a Marquess.

Authors Note: This is a clean, stand-alone romance, so there are no cliffhangers. This sweet romance is a 130-page book with bonus stories included."

Title:  Heart of a Marquess:  Regency Romance
Author:  Joyce Alec
Publisher:  J. A.                                        
Series:  Gentleman and Brides
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: Four

"Heart of a Marquess:  Regency Romance" by Joyce Alec

My Thoughts....

"Heart of a Marquess" was a beautiful love story of Lord Phillip and Lady Charlotte.  All would have been great if it had not been for the interference for Charlotte's stepsister Emma.  Emma was one of those people who was hateful, jealous and very spoiled and she seemed to think she would be able to get her way with Charlotte not matter what.  Even with Emma's aunt [Lady Perrin] trying to keep Emma on the straight and narrow would be of no good because Emma was just really something else.  But when it all came together I like how well this author is able to give the reader a nice historical  regency read.  For me I was shaking my head and saying wow at all of Emma's antics!  With Phillip having already had problems with a certain female one could see why he was so reluctant in wanting to get involved with anyone else but with the help of his friend [Kinsley]  after meeting Charlotte was he having different thoughts?  One thing about this read is that the storyline will keep your interest turning the pages to see what was coming next.  Would I recommend?  Yes, I did find it a very entertaining read.


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